Wrapping up Calculus and what’s next

It’s been a long time since my last post, so I thought I should give an update and close the book on my summer studies.

As I wrote about before, I decided to take a step back from coding earlier this summer and focus on learning Calculus.  I am the long term goal of creating projects using computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing.  As I got deeper into the subject matter, I realized I really did need the math if I wanted to create my own algorithms rather than rely on libraries.

So I went back to the drawing board and re-learned Calculus over the last 5 weeks using MIT’s OCW materials.  Two days ago I took the online placement exam at Harvard extension school and I’m happy to say I was placed into multivariable calculus.  In other words, I successfully learned the course material for single-variable calculus. (Side note: the placement exams are free to take if you’re ever curious to get a quick assessment of your math, science, or writing skill level, you just need to sign up to their online system for access.)

I’m planning on taking multivariable calculus this fall for credit via the extension school’s online system.  It’s pricey ($1600), but it was the best option I could find that worked with my schedule.  (Community college would have been the best option as it’s in person and comparable cost-wise, but classes didn’t meet at a time that worked for me.)

My goal is to build up the pre-reqs I’d need to get into a CS masters program.

In the short term, I’m attending two residency programs – one for tech and art this fall and the second for programming in the spring.

Maybe I won’t end up applying to CS masters programs, but I’d like to at least give myself that option.  And I’m sure I’ll learn a ton along the way!