Update #1

Good morning! It’s a glorious Monday morning here in Stockholm and as promised, I am cluing you in on my progress with the PNP.

View from my office window. I think this is the first blue sky of 2017.


The good news is that I have completed my first task which was to set up my rudimentary website. Check it out here. (Please feel free to give any and all feedback!) It really did take just 1 day, which was as planned. I am feeling proud that it’s at least out in the world and the fact that I limited myself to 1 day allowed me to stop focusing on time-wasting details like font size/layout and just to birth something. I cheated a little and stalked some other personal websites. I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Soon a task will be set up to blog more… but that’s for later 🙂

The bad news is that my 2-day plan of catching up on my design online course did not come into fruition – I worked on it over the weekend for a couple hours, but then let social obligations (and who are we kidding, sheer laziness) get in the way…. ahem, by going out dancing on Saturday night until 3AM and then being too tired on Sunday to focus and being really determined to finish Vikings. Which, I have. And today the TV gets put into storage to be unearthed in the fall. So long, farewell, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, old friend.

And, with a hard deadline looming for a grad school application (April 13th), I now feel I need to switch into my next plan of completing my application. Instead of stressing myself out with only 3 days during the weekday, I have decided to allocate this entire week to it so that’s 7 days. Wish me luck!


I feel that the upside to this project is that we have at least set some deadlines that are forcing me to be more aware of how I am spending my time. It’s a case of “shoot for the moon and if you don’t land there you’ll end up among a couple of stars” … so this is me hanging out with a bunch of stars.

I did feel a little bit stressed over the weekend, like I was disappointing myself, and you, Ann, but a part of me decided that that was an unproductive emotion and to get back on the saddle and power on through. Also, who says Prime Numbers have to be ordered from smallest to largest … right?!

I’ll keep you posted on my school application by the end of this week. Here is the revised plan and achieved benchmarks.

– 1 day to finalize my personal website on Squarespace: DONE

– 2 days to catch up with a website design on DesignLab: NOT DONE

NEXT PROJECT7 days to apply to Hyper Island (due date: April 13th)

Revised: 7 days for my application to an industrial design intensive course (Due date: April 20th)

– 11 days of writing my short story for my writing group

– Revised: 13 days of ashtanga yoga


1 thought on “Update #1”

  1. I think your website looks great! Congratulations on knocking the 1-day challenge out of the park 🙂 And oh well about the design course. Like you wrote, the important thing is to pick yourself up and keep on going. Which is exactly what you’re doing. If we spend all our time worrying and crying over the projects we don’t finish, then we’ll never get anywhere!


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